Dr. Joy Schindler, Dentist in Littleton, CO

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Dr. Joy Schindler, Dentist in Littleton, CO

Dr. Joy Schindler and
Abby & Mia, the Therapy Dogs

Dr. Joy's office is a complete family dental practice. We offer both adult and pediatric dental services. We offer a complete line of cosmetic dentistry including tooth whitening and implants. And we specialize in pain-free dentistry.

We have special calming companions, Abby and Mia Therapy Dogs at the Dentist in  Littleton, CO Abby and Mia, who will help you through your entire visit. Abby and Mia are trained therapy dogs. They know that petting dogs can help lower your blood pressure, so they will accompany you from the moment you enter the office to your chair, and sit by patiently with you to help you through your visit. Visit Abby and Mia's page for testimonials from patients who have reduced their dentist-generated anxiety Abby and Mia's help.

Since 1985, Dr. Joy Schindler has been serving the Denver area with the latest in dental services. We can help you with your teeth and your gums to give you a brighter, healthier appearance.